Mississippi Excellence in Teaching Program

The University of Mississippi

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I apply?

You can apply by completing the online application. Those interested in the program should first apply for admission at the institution as well as any financial aid for which he or she qualifies.

Do I need to apply to the honors college separately?

Yes. All METP candidates are strongly encouraged to apply to the Sally McDonnell Barksdale Honors College using the Special Programs and Scholarship Application.

What does METP cover?

The scholarship portion of METP covers up to the full Cost of Attendance after all other aid has been exhausted. We also fund all costs related to numerous field experiences offered through METP such as collaborative professional development events, cultural and educational trips both domestically and abroad, national or regional conference attendance, and more.

What’s the program's service requirement?

Our program requires all graduates to teach for five years in any Mississippi public school. Those who cannot complete this commitment must repay a proportional amount of scholarship monies received.

Are there requirements to remain in the program after admission?

Yes. An METP fellow is expected to perform at the highest levels both academically and as representatives of the University and program. Fellows must maintain a 3.0 resident GPA and satisfy all obligations such as successfully completing METP professional development events, METP-specific courses, and classroom observations related to METP coursework.

Do I need a certain GPA or test score for admission?

Competitive applicants are expected to have an ACT composite score of 28 or a SAT score of 1320 and a high school GPA of at least 3.5. We also consider passion and dedication to the teaching profession through essays on the application and finalist interviews, as well as course difficulty, among other things.

Should I apply for financial aid?

Yes. All applicants must apply for available financial aid. Final amounts of awarded tuition monies will be determined by other available aid.

What documents do I need to sign if I'm accepted?

The Mississippi Excellence in Teaching Program is designed as a loan forgiveness scholarship program with a service agreement. If you fulfill the five-year teaching commitment, you will never have to pay any money for tuition or fees. However, legally you must sign loan documentation to acknowledge that if you don’t fulfill the service agreement, you agree to repay only the funds you have used as noted in the agreement.

What’s the interest rate if I change programs and have to repay the loan?

3 percent fixed.

Can I apply to METP at both Ole Miss and MSU?

Yes. You may apply for admission into the program at both universities. If accepted to both, you will be asked to choose an institution.

Is there an interview?

Yes. All finalists for our program will be interviewed by a faculty committee using Skype or other videoconferencing platform to screen for passion and dedication to the education profession.

Do I have to declare a specific major?

Yes, all METP fellows must declare a major in: secondary education with a concentration in either English, mathematics, or science; Elementary Education; or, Special Education. However, many students also choose to dual major, or add a minor or education endorsements in different subject areas.

I'd like to dual major. Is that possible?

Yes! Students who choose to dual major must fulfill the requirements of both majors. Some majors share a great deal of coursework, while others are more difficult to balance with the obligations of an education major. If this is something that interests you, please contact us for more detailed information.

What if I change majors?

Upon leaving the program to pursue another field, awarded scholarships will be converted into loans and any funds used must be repaid within a set amount of time. However, as long as a student’s primary major is secondary English, secondary mathematics, secondary science, Special Education, or Elementary Education, they may choose to add another major or degree.

Do I have to teach in Mississippi after graduation?

Yes. Upon joining our program, students make a commitment to teach in any Mississippi public school for five years after graduation. Students must teach for one full year in a school each year of the requirement, but can change schools or districts each of the five years to find a good fit if they choose. They may also remain in one school or district for the entire service agreement.

Does the program pick the school that I teach in?

No.  You must teach in a Mississippi public school to fulfill the teaching commitment, but there are no restrictions whatsoever on which districts or schools METP graduates serve.

Can I go to graduate school after graduation?

Of course! While our program currently does not offer funding for graduate education, students may elect to defer their five-year service agreement to pursue a master’s degree, if they choose. This deferment may be requested at any time during the service agreement.