Mississippi Excellence in Teaching Program

The University of Mississippi


In addition to full financial support for up to four years, METP students receive a variety of benefits.

  • Early education exposure: Importantly, Ole Miss METP students enter classrooms for observations and begin education courses fall of their freshman year – much earlier than traditional School of Education students.
  • Room and board: Our funding provides an allowance for housing and meals based on the institution’s Cost of Attendance, as determined by the Office of Financial Aid. Any excess funds available after the METP pays institutional charges will be provided to the student. These excess funds can be used to pay for off campus housing after the students’ freshman year.
  • Technology: Each student will receive up to a $1,000 reimbursement on the purchase of a laptop or tablet of his or her choice.
  • Study abroad/Off-campus learning: The summer before their senior year, our students receive funding to study education issues abroad or visit top performing schools in the nation to complete off-campus learning projects.
  • Professional development: During their senior year, METP students receive the chance to attend a national or regional professional conference relevant to their teaching discipline (i.e. the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics or the National Council for Teachers of English).
  • Residential Institutes: The summer before their junior year, students travel to spend one week at both MSU and Ole Miss to attend residential institutes led by faculty from both universities. Institutes focus on contemporary issues in education and promote innovative, research-based pedagogy and methodology.
  • Cross-campus learning: Each semester, our students spend one night on the campus of the other institution to engage in scholarly activities and professional development with fellow METP students.